Prescription Self-Care Panel Series


Officially launching Prescription Self-Care's seven part panel discussion series showcasing powerful community leaders in Toronto's wellness space through monthly panel events. February is the month of love! This panel will focus in on the self-care realm of Self Love & Mindset. Join us as we showcase three incredible community leaders who will be sharing their personal self-love journey, how they care for their mental health, why self-care is an integral piece of their routine and their top tips on keeping a positive mindset! We invite you to join in on our conversation, ask questions, connect with likeminded individuals and go home with a few surprises, too!

I’m so thankful for all the magic that is created from small little moments of connection. When Steff @fitnursepreneurand I first met 2 years ago we bonded over our shared focus on self care.
Yesterday I participated in @prescriptionselfcare first panel series along with @mattpauderis and @drblessylhosted by @sirena__a 
There is a humbleness that comes from speaking about self love ♥️ It’s exciting and yet feels so vulnerable. It’s an intimate relationship that we don’t openly celebrate - that of deeply caring for our own selves. 😍
Before the event I made a commitment to show up as the authentic me - not to say the RIGHT things but the REAL things💫
I found my voice shaky as I led a meditation that came to me just the morning before. But witnessing the energy of love in the room was 💯!
Showing up to events like these requires an openness from all the attendees as well. But what I know for sure is - when you allow yourself the room to be vulnerable you meet your tribe 🤗
Go out there. Be all of you. Meet people. Bring all the feels
And always choose connection over networking👯‍♀️