Journal Prompts for Spring

I like to use journal prompts to help me focus on what to write about - it helps in the days where I want to write but “I don’t know what to write about”. I find it even more helpful to journal as part of self reflection, as a time stamp of my thoughts and feelings through out my life and to also invite and manifest that which I do want in my life.

Winter has been long and with the warmer temperatures and the appearance of sun I am ready to feel all the feelings. As you journal I encourage you to not think about it too much and focus instead on feeling and allowing whatever arises to just be - write it down, keep writing, don’t worry if it makes sense it’s only for you :)

Journal prompts for spring

What are you ready to shed and let go of with winter?

What are the feelings you would like to bring in with spring?

What are the things in my life that bring me joy?

Even with the things that are not going well in my life I can still be grateful for…

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