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Paint for Self-Acceptance

NO ART EXPERIENCE NEEDED. you just have to show up and be willing to explore this intimate feeling with me.

Hey Toronto. Here we go. A workshop on this giant & oh so important topic. Self-acceptance is the pillar of our storytelling. The stories we tell ourselves and what we are willing to share with others. It’s an arena we can easily sabotage and just as easily we can slowly bring into our lives.
Join me and my wonderful community on May 11th as we explore self-acceptance. What it means and how we can love ourselves a little bit harder moving forward. ♥️In this two hour workshop we will journal self-acceptance and paint two illustrations based off of the journaling we do. This is such a wonderful practice to tap in and get to know ourselves a little bit better in order to see where our self-acceptance and self-love can improve.

In this space, everyone is welcome. ❤️