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Taking The Freelance Leap: From Full-Time to Self-Employed

Leaving your salaried, 9-5 job and diving into the full-time freelance world is a big step. While perks like working from home and having flexibility are attractive, the lack of security and a steady paycheck can be scary.

How do I know when I’m ready? How much money should I have saved before taking the leap? What about insurance and benefits? How do I keep myself motivated?

These questions are the main sources of hesitation for those looking to pursue a full-time freelance career, and they are the ones we will be answering during this event. Our panel speakers will be sharing how they successfully took the freelance leap and never looked back. Come and learn from their greatest challenges, get inspired by their stories and find out what it takes to be a successful freelance professional.

Is this right for you?

✨ You are looking to turn your freelance side hustle into a long-term, lucrative career

✨ You want the freedom to map out your own days and work on projects you’re truly passionate about

✨ You are desperate to travel more and the standard two weeks are simply not cutting it

✨ You want to mingle with like-minded women and be part of a community that grows and learns from each other

What you will walk away with:

✨ A series of actionable tips for taking your freelance business full-time

✨Your own digital copy of “The Freelancer’s Guide to Worry-Free Finances” by Paper & Coin

✨Day Pass to Eureka Hub Coworking Space