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Looking for a business BFF?


I tailor each partnership differently based on your needs. What I love helping with most is really allowing you to fully see your brilliance and provide strategies for the areas that don’t bring you joy but you somehow end up spending all your time on the later?

My approach is always intuitive and so that means we will do work on connecting you to your intuition. You already have all the answers and you just need some help to see them. When you are working for yourself it is important to not let your own negative thoughts and limitations make the decisions in your business.

Wether you’re looking to launch or you’ve done this for a few years I’m here to listen.

A lot of my clients come to me to help them step out of their comfort zones and in front of others – whether that’s in front of a camera, in front of a stage or at a networking event sharing their message.

I believe there are people out there who’s life would transform once they hear your story.

I work a lot with introverts, like myself, who can’t even imagine approaching people at a networking event, build an online presence or launch their own business.  

The thing is I don’t believe in the fake it until you make it strategy – if anything I think this is what feeds into the imposer syndrome. There is a big difference between handing out business cards and making connections, and connections are only made when we share the truth with others – when we share our stories.

What I am best at is helping you find your magic story – the story you need to tell to inspire others and set you up as an expert. I know this is a story we all have within. I am inspired by other people stories. And I know there are other people out there that are too.  

I believe that our stories are what set us apart – they are ours to share and inspire others. But they don’t serve us particularly well when we keep them to ourselves, hide behind our achievements and in staying small.

I take an intuitive approach – meaning I ask my clients to dig deeper to see their own gifts instead of following what everyone else is doing. Everything is customizable and we start with a consultation.

I work mainly with businesses in the self development realm. Wether you’re a healer, a coach or you’ve launched an organization or community with a soul purpose - navigating all the aspects of launching something heart centred can feel overwhelming.