My Story

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The journey to self-love is challenging. I know, because I’ve been there.

A few years ago, I was faced with a physical condition that forced me to re-evaluate everything. Am I living the life I desire? Am I truly happy?


I decided it was time to let go of anything that doesn’t serve me so I can step into my purpose, live authentically and manifest my wildest dreams.

Through my personal journey, I realized that I have the power to take control of my own happiness and well-being. Truth is, I had this power inside of me all along but it was up to me to discover it. I wholeheartedly believe this for you too. 

You don’t owe your past to anyone and you can change your mind on who you want to be at any moment.

Many of us are afraid - afraid of messing up, afraid of judgment and afraid of change. We get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable - and not in a good way. This fear holds us back from uncovering our true potential. My mission is to allow women to connect to their personal power, work through their fears and encourage others to do the same.

As a self-love coach, I help guide women on their road to self discovery so they can learn to fully love themselves - flaws and all. My special talent is being a cheerleader and seeing what fears you are hiding your magic behind. I offer genuine support and encouragement through heart-centered conversations and self-love exercises that lead you towards living your truth. I’m also a body positive photographer allowing women to connect and love their bodies through beautiful images. Dedicated to helping people change the way they feel about themselves, I’m a passionate keynote speaker that specializes in body love through body positivity, self love through self-discovery, vulnerability and how to manifest your dreams by connecting to your intuition. In essence, I’m committed to living my truth, being in flow with my intuition and of course, petting all the dogs along the way.