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Personal Development Coaching

What does this mean anyway? As a coach and an intuitive guide I will help you get unstuck, get clarity and validate your dreams. When working together a lot of old beliefs we have adopted from our family, friends and society as a whole come to the surface.

I will share with you the same methods and practices that have worked for me and my clients.


You and I will explore and asses how you’re currently feeling in all aspects of your life. I’ll help you connect to your intuition and together we will work and feel through your healing journey.

You will receive one-on-one coaching, a detailed comprehensive plan of action steps, and the accountability you need to keep you on track.


3 Month Program or 6 Month Programs include:

One Strategy Session

Bi-weekly 60 minute coaching sessions

Exercises to connect you to yourself and intuition

Journal prompts

Self Care Strategies

Customized resources tailored to your needs


Self Love Sessions


The Self Love Photo Sessions are an add on option to the self love coaching. Once we have done some deep work and talked about all the feelings this is a step in documenting your journey.

A lot of my clients feel liberated when they can break through and celebrate in the nude. It feels like a big moment where you can be bare and fully in love with who you are and what you look like - it goes against society norms and in general is pretty badass.

If the way your celebration includes clothes that’s cool too :) It’s your celebration anyway!